7 Initial Theories About A's Identity On 'PLL: Original Sin'

2022-07-30 16:58:10 By : Ms. HE Christy

Let's run down the early suspects.

We may not be in Rosewood anymore, but the gruesome mystery at the center of the Pretty Little Liars universe is more twisted than ever in HBO Max’s sequel series, Original Sin. Unlike the original show, the new iteration physically shows A quite a bit, although that mask keeps the murderer’s identity as much of a mystery as ever. If you’ve already torn through the first three episodes that HBO Max dropped on July 28, then you’re probably already putting together tons of theories about A’s identity on Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. It’s time to suss out the prime suspects as they stand after the premiere ep.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the first three episodes of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. In its three-episode premiere, Original Sin dropped some important details about the new A. Viewers know they are targeting people they consider to be bullies, and they have a special interest in Imogen, Tabby, Noa, Faran, and Mouse. Most importantly, A seems to be somehow connected to Angela Waters, the Millwood High student who perished in front of the whole school on New Year’s Eve right as the year 1999 became 2000.

There’s not too much to go off of yet, but several characters definitely seem suspicious enough to be A.

Fans of the original Pretty Little Liars know all too well that twins should be looked at with the utmost suspicion. In PLL world, the big reveal is almost always some kind of twin twist, which makes Karen and Kelly prime suspects. Karen getting slaughtered at the Spirit Week dance only makes the surviving twin even more sus, especially since it’s not clear if Karen was murdered or if it was actually Kelly. Something fishy is going on with these two — or, rather, whichever one of them is left — and it might be the key to solving the A mystery.

In Episode 3, Tabby’s mother Sydney revealed that Angela had no father and a mentally ill mother. That’s literally all fans know about anyone related to Angela, but it’s more than enough to surmise that A could be Angela’s long-suffering mother getting revenge on the mean girls who watched her daughter jump from a ceiling. After all, going after the daughters of the girls who tortured her own daughter has its own sort of twisted revenge logic.

Listen, Wes is a hardcore creep who clearly has his sights set on Tabby. Is he enough of a creep to throw on a mask and terrorize everyone close to Tabby so that he can form some sort of demented relationship with her? Honestly, maybe! Plus, he’s into horror movies, which could provide inspo for all his heinous acts.

There’s nobody on Original Sin more filled with rage than Sheriff Beasley, and he hasn’t made his seething hatred for the five Liars a secret at all. Of course, that hate only bubbled up after A offed his daughter Karen, since the sheriff suspects the five girls bullied his daughter to the point of ending things — or so it seems, at least. Sheriff Beasley was clearly abusive to Karen, so it might not be too much to suspect he’d go so far as to even murder her in order to pin it on his real targets.

Greg may seem like a simple-minded jock, but he could be hiding a huge secret. Let’s not forget Karen got into a huge fight with her boyfriend right before her demise at the dance. Plus, Greg’s really the person who set Karen and Kelly’s feud with Imogen into motion when he kissed her at that party. Strangely, a lot of the drama in Millwood goes back to Greg. Could the murders all go back to him, too?

Now this would be the twist of all twists: What if one of the Liars is really A? Among the quintet, Tabby stands out as the most sus. She’s a huge fan of horror movies, and for some reason, she has a hidden camera in the boys’ locker room. What’s up with that? Most notably, she’s the only Liar who didn’t get a specifically threatening text from A when the group was deciding whether to screen that embarrassing video of Karen. And speaking of that, Tabby was the one who seemed most passionate about showing the video prior to A’s blackmail texts. Could she, as A, have sent those texts to get everyone on board?

Tabby is sus, but so is her mother. It seemed pretty notable that the flashback to the Y2K party showed Angela going up to Sydney specifically and begging her to look at her. Plus, she showed up at Angela’s shrine in the warehouse right after Imogen saw A hanging out there. It definitely seems like Sydney had the closest connection to Angela out of all the Y2K girls — could she be getting revenge for her friend? Or, even juicier, could she be working with Tabby as a mother-daughter A team? The theories never stop!

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin drops new episodes Thursdays on HBO Max.

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