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2021-11-24 05:00:11 By : Ms. Amy Ai

Oh, when we decorate on the ceiling, it really feels like

The ceiling furniture in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is real! No more wall lights! Or, if you like the atmosphere, you can keep the wall lamp... but at least now we have a choice!

Read on for tips on how to install ceiling furniture in your house.

First, you need something designed for the ceiling. This is not like a photo, which can be placed on the floor, table or wall-ceiling furniture is specifically for the ceiling. You can find it in all common places, such as Nook's Cranny, Happy Home Paradise's Poki store and on the tree.

Press the arrow keys in your home to enter the decoration mode.

Press the key once to enter the wall mounting mode, and press it again to enter the ceiling mode. You can move the camera around here to get a better angle-you don't have to look at your work from top to bottom!

It's very simple! Just pick up your chandelier or ceiling fan and pop it out as you like.

This article is part of our "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" walkthrough, which includes a complete list of fish, a complete list of errors, and a complete list of marine life. If you are looking for a particular fish or bug, we can tell you how to catch the elusive coelacanth, mahi, giant trevally, string fish, golden trout, and all sharks and beetles, and leave the end of the month (unless of course you visit Kapp'n’s boat trip to the island!).

We can also help you understand how to discover Redd’s fake paintings and statues, how to make bells quickly, how to cultivate flowers, how to get more DIY recipes, how to upgrade Nook’s cracks, when and where to find special characters such as Gulliver and Sable, Label, Wisp, Celeste, Pirate Gulliver and Jack, as well as the skills of using star rods, tool rings, rock skills, felling and moving trees, using amiibo on Harv's Island, how to backup your island data, how to time travel, how to obtain 5-star island rating and more.

If it’s new content you need help, we can help you find a gyroscope, unlock Brewster’s Cafe, use a new professional camera app to take selfies, make a new law, get a beloved frog chair, and even learn how to cook.

Finally, where to buy "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" on Nintendo Switch (if you haven't purchased it for some reason), and how to purchase The Happy Home Paradise DLC!

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