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2021-11-24 04:59:21 By : Ms. Tracy Liu

Ceiling fans come in many sizes, so no matter how big your space is, there is a powerful fan that can do the job.

Whether you want to stay cool in summer or circulate warm air in winter, large ceiling fans can reduce energy costs while regulating the temperature. The blades of large ceiling fans are usually 56 inches or larger in diameter, and their powerful motors are designed to keep air flowing in large spaces. Styles include traditional, modern and industrial designs to suit various spaces.

Whether you are looking for a ceiling fan for your home, office or business, you may find what you need in our top pick list.

There are as many ceiling fans for large spaces as there are smaller ceiling fans, with a range of blade spans as well as weatherproof and motor options.

Most ceiling fans used in large spaces use DC motors, and their powerful design prevents shaking while maintaining high airflow. Generally speaking, motor size is a good indicator of ceiling fan efficiency.

A wider blade span can better circulate air in a larger space. A ceiling fan with a blade span of 56 inches or more can generally cool a room of about 400 square feet.

Perhaps surprisingly, the number of blades has little effect on the overall power of the ceiling fan. A more accurate power measurement is CFM, which represents the cubic feet of air that the fan moves per minute.

Other features include built-in lighting, remote control, reversible motor and weatherproof.

If you plan to install a fan with a long lower pole, consider using a model with built-in lighting to illuminate the space. Some models include a remote control that can adjust fan speed, control power, and turn lighting on or off. Although some motors can be reversed by flipping the switch on the motor, other models of remotes or wall controls have a reverse button.

Not all ceiling fans are designed for outdoor use. Look for a moisture-proof fan designed for outdoor use.

Honeywell Xerxes 62-inch ceiling fan: Available on Amazon

This unique ceiling fan uses eight wood veneer blades and a built-in LED light to easily cool and illuminate large spaces. Installation is very simple, and multiple installation options make this fan suitable for various spaces.

Westinghouse Lighting Industries 56-inch ceiling fan: Available on Amazon

As long as you don't mind the industrial appearance, this fan can provide powerful operating functions to quickly cool large spaces. The 41 watts of power consumption and 5,972 CFM make it an efficient choice.

Hunter Channing 60" LED Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit: Available at Home Depot

For more traditional ceiling fans with LED lights, this is a great choice from popular brands. Despite its sturdy structure, its price is much lower than most competitors.

Big Air 96" Industrial Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan: Available on Amazon

This huge 96-inch fan is praised for its quiet operation. It has nine blades and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Reversing the blade direction is as simple as pressing a button on the motor.

Casa Vieja 72" Modern Industrial Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan: Available on Amazon

Although this is not the quietest option, its low price and simple steel design make it ideal for most families. The large blade span can easily move a large amount of air.

Monte Carlo Maverick Max 70" Outdoor Ceiling Fan: Available at Amazon and Home Depot

The unique curved balsa wood blades make this fan both beautiful and efficient. The speed and direction can be easily controlled with the included remote control, and the powerful DC motor prevents any shaking.

Harbor Breeze Hydra 70" Indoor Ceiling Fan: Available on Amazon

The lower pole installation design and huge blade span make this fan ideal for large spaces with high ceilings, even though its LED lights provide very little light.

Minka-Aire Xtreme H2O 65-inch ceiling fan: Available on Amazon 

This modern eight-leaf fan can be easily controlled with the included remote control, providing six speeds, reverse options and light control. Provide sufficient power for most outdoor spaces.

Progress Lighting Springer Collection 60" Coastal Windmill Ceiling Fan: Available at Amazon and Home Depot

Few options can stand out like this windmill fan, which has a diameter of 60 inches, 12 blades and 6,485 CFM output. Installation is easy, and the airflow is suitable for rooms with attic ceilings.

Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove 72" LED Ceiling Fan: Available on Amazon and Home Depot

This Home Depot brand fan offers an impressive 9,330 CFM airflow and simple eight-leaf design, suitable for a variety of indoor or outdoor spaces. Despite its large size, it is rare even to swing on the long lower rod.

Minka-Aire Barn 65-inch ceiling fan: Available on Amazon and Home Depot

There is nothing more like this unique energy-saving indoor fan. Although expensive, the installation is simple and the materials are durable.

Kathy Ireland Home Loft 60" Ceiling Fan: Available on Amazon and Home Depot

This all-weather fan is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The energy-saving design can output 7,530 CFM while saving electricity. Popular choice for terraces and porches.

Home Decorators Collection Royal 120" LED Indoor/Outdoor Natural Iron Art Ceiling Fan: Available at Home Depot

The largest fan on our list has a huge blade span of 10 feet and an output of 15,000 CFM, making it sufficient for use in gyms, restaurants or outdoor spaces. The DC motor is very quiet and efficient, and the price is reasonable relative to the power and size of this model.

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