Is your fan running in the right direction to keep warm?

2021-11-24 04:58:53 By : Mr. ZHENG LONG

Now that the weather in western New York is getting colder, many people will turn on ceiling fans at night, but are you running the fans in the right direction to keep you warm?

You will see that ceiling fans are used to keep you cool in the summer, but they are also used to keep you warm in the winter!

In the summer, you want to run the ceiling fan counterclockwise to help press the air down on you, creating a cooling effect.

In winter, you want to run the ceiling fan in a clockwise direction. This allows the ceiling fan to pull hot air from the top of the room (hot air rises) and force it down to where you are, helping you stay warm.

How to switch the ceiling fan from clockwise to counterclockwise? Very simple, there is a small button on the side of the fan base. Click it up or down in the correct direction to change the direction of the ceiling fan.

So now when someone complains that your home is too hot or too cold, you can adjust the ceiling fan to help them feel comfortable.

In addition, it’s a good thing to tell people who want to keep turning on the thermostat to warm up. Tell them to make sure the ceiling fan is moving in the correct direction before touching the thermostat.

Here are some simple steps to ensure that your fan keeps you cool this summer and helps you stay warm in the winter.