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Bulb Security Hero is the globe’s first self-charging backup light bulb, which ensures lights are back on after a power outage. The Smart Charging Built-In Battery automatically turns the light back on, even when there is no power. Be the ONE home on the street that your neighbors admire. It fits into your current light socket just like a regular bulb. When the power goes out, it gives up to 6 hours of backup emergency lighting. Life continues as though the power outage never occurred! Aside from that, the backup emergency battery charges itself. It ends bone-breaking falls, medicine mix-ups, and unintentional injuries in the dark for good. There is no installation required. Plug Bulb Security Hero into any standard outlet. Features of Bulb Security Hero When unplugged, it may be used as a safe-touch hand-held flashlight. It comes with a portable hook built into the base and a FREE Cap’ n Hook! Light output equivalent to a 60-watt LED light bulb 800 LED Lumens of brilliant white light in AC Mode 500 Lumens of brilliant white light in DC Mode LED 25,000 Hours = Lifespan (2.85 years) 120 VACS is the input voltage. The frequency is 60 hertz. TUV Certification Energy-saving, using 80% less energy than incandescent lighting How to use Bulb Security Hero

The Emergency Power LED Light Bulb incorporates a self-charging lithium-ion battery inside the bulb’s base, which activates immediately in the case of a power loss and will remain lighted for up to 6 hours. The product can be used in three easy steps as shown below: Step 1: Screw the light to the socket and turn it on. Step 2: Screw the light to the hook provided Step 3: You should simultaneously hold the side and bottom of the bulb’s threads to make it glow. Contents of Bulb Security Hero Package Portable Hook Smart Charging Built-In Lithium Battery 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee Bulb Security Hero Pros and Cons Pros It is a ready-to-go Product: It fits into your current light socket. Long-lasting power: A backup emergency battery may offer up to 6 hours of illumination. Simple to Use: The emergency backup battery charges itself. You are not required to do anything! It is simple to install: There is no need for installation. Screw the House SAFETY LIGHT into your socket, and your home will remain illuminated even if the power goes out. Cons It does not work well with multi-light equipment like ceiling fans and dimmer switches. Where Bulb Security Hero Can be Used In entrances of buildings and different venues In stairwells Outside garages In bathrooms and toilets It can be used during night fishing The bulb can be used during camping events It can be used in case of a power failure in the house Purchasing Bulb Security Hero

A customer may purchase Bulb Security Hero from the official website. There are three packages for purchase, among which the customer can select. These packages are as described below: 1 Emergency Bulb Hero: $29.95 plus S&H 4 Emergency Bulb Heros: $59.90 plus S&H 7 Emergency Bulb Heros: $84.00 plus S&H

Reputable sellers ensure high-quality bulbs with significant discounts and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your bulbs, you can request a refund within 30 days of purchasing them. For more information, contact customer service via: Email: support@tacandsurvival.com Phone: 888-919-3614 Return Address: Tac and Survival, 1501 Haines Street, Jacksonville, FL 32206 Bulb Security Hero Conclusion

The Bulb Security Hero is a recommended source of backup power to be used during different cases. It is configured with a long-lasting power battery to ensure it offers illumination for the maximum time possible.

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