10 Things Manga Readers Don't Want To See In My Hero Academia Season 6

2022-10-09 04:30:56 By : Ms. Sephcare Wang

Many My Hero Academia fans are eager to see the events of Season 6 play out, but there are just as many who are skeptical about all of it.

With My Hero Academia Season 6 starting to premiere the Paranormal Liberation War arc, fans are pretty excited to see their favorite characters on-screen again in one of the most exciting arcs to premiere so far. However, while many fans are eager to see the events play out, there are just as many who are skeptical about all of it.

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The Paranormal Liberation War arc brought in darker themes than what had been seen previously, as well as severe, debilitating injuries and deaths of some fan-favorite characters. My Hero Academia continues to grow darker with each season, which portrays much grimmer realities in the fantasy world that fans love to watch but hate to see.

This article contains spoilers for the My Hero Academia manga.

During the fight with Tomura, Aizawa's quirk became a lifesaver as it was the only quirk able to keep Tomura from his full power. Recognizing this, Tomura struck him with a quirk-erasing bullet in his leg, which meant that in seconds Aizawa would potentially permanently lose his quirk.

Instead, Aizawa made an immediate, rational, but difficult decision to cut off his leg himself with a knife to stop the bullet from spreading. In this way, he stopped the spread of the quirk-erasing bullet, but at the cost of his own leg.

Even though it was the villains that Hawks betrayed, fans couldn't help feeling upset over the intense betrayal scene. Between the characters' anger, frustration, and sadness, the scene led to a whirlwind of emotions that all stemmed from the revelation that Hawks had betrayed them.

The fight between Hawks and Twice was intense, and the fight between Dabi and Hawks was even more brutal. Even though the good side won in the end, fans couldn't help but mourn the cost of it. Plus, the fight between them about what it meant to be a hero left tears in everyone's eyes.

During the initial battle of the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Mirko suffered some devastating injuries. After failing to stop Kyudai from activating the High-Ends, Mirko is left fighting with multiple Nomus and injured enough that the others believed she was out of the fight.

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Still, Mirko continued to fight and survive the High-Ends when one of them managed to rip off her left arm. Even though she got her revenge by killing it, the cost of that small victory was steep. After this, Mirko also loses part of her ear, suffers injuries to her torso, and is stabbed through her right leg — then has to keep ahold of herself as Endeavor sears her injuries shut to save her life.

In the aftermath of the long fight between heroes and villains, several heroes lost their lives, which was not easy for fans to witness. Native, Crust, Majestic, and X-Less were all among the casualties, though My Hero Academia fans weren't too familiar with most of them beyond this fight.

However, Midnight is one death felt between fans and characters alike. Midnight was a well-known hero and teacher at U.A. The heartbreaking scene of her students mourning her death truly drove home the devastation of the war.

Surprising everyone, Deku made a difficult decision at the end of the Paranormal Liberation War arc. In order to protect his fellow classmates and U.A., Deku chose to leave U.A. and make it on his own instead, as Tomura's declaration that he was after One For All meant he would likely be hunting down Deku again.

This also means that My Hero Academia fans will have to relive the heart-wrenching scene where he left notes for all of 1-A about the truth of his quirk and his decision to leave. This was not an easy scene for most fans; seeing it again will be rough.

After the gruesome fight between Hawks, Dabi, and Twice, Twice was able to say one last goodbye to Toga. He saved her from being captured, then admitted that he couldn't hold himself together anymore as he had fallen on the concrete. He returned the handkerchief to Toga and revealed Hawks' betrayal before his clone melted into nothing in Toga's arms.

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This was preceded by the foreshadowing of Hawks approaching Twice from behind with a feather blade, which only made the hero more ominous and disliked by fans. Despite being one of the more powerful villains, Twice's death shook the community as he was still beloved nevertheless.

During Tomura's transformation, he underwent scenes in his mind that were ultimately heart-wrenching for fans. The most noteworthy was his reunification with his family. In his dream, his family appeared and put their hands on him, trying to stop him from following All for One and finishing his transformation.

Instead of listening to them and turning back to the side of good, Tomura destroyed his family a second time, this time by choice. In doing so, he released himself from his past and embraced his future fully as a villain.

During this arc, another brutal truth came to the surface: that the villain Dabi is actually Touya Todoroki, the son of Endeavor and older brother of Shoto. He revealed the full, disturbing truth of his "death" and why he turned to villainy. While this reveal wasn't necessarily bad in itself, the aftermath of it was.

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As Endeavor was the #1 Hero, the reveal that he abused his son and led to his "death" didn't sit well with the public. It just added another reason for civilians to not trust and lose faith in the heroes, which has extremely dark consequences.

During the battle with Tomura, Bakugo made an incredible sacrifice that left My Hero Academia fans stunned. Tomura first shot Endeavor with black rivets that seemed potentially lethal, then turned to shoot Deku. Bakugo, however, without even thinking about it, jumped in front of the rivets to protect Deku.

This was a direct parallel to what happened to Bakugo and Deku in middle school, and as cool as the moment was, it was also horrifying. It seemed likely that Bakugo would die from the rivets that pierced his torso.

Tomura's awakening was one of the more horrific moments of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. Right when it looks like the heroes might have a chance at victory, Tomura's awakening as All For One destroyed that hope. Fans soon realize his Decay Quirk had upgraded during this time, as his decay now spreads through previous things that were decayed, and not just through his touch.

The city quickly started decaying around them and required the heroes to stay in the air in order not to be killed by touching the ground as it decayed around them. The defining moment caused fans to worry that Tomura may be too powerful now.

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