Leviton and Schlage integrate smart lighting and smart door locks to enhance home security and convenience

2021-11-24 05:38:16 By : Mr. Hong Yuan

My Leviton App coordinates automatic lighting and locking functions

Melville, New York, August 24, 2021/PRNewswire/ - Industry-leading electronic equipment manufacturers Leviton and Schlage are Allegion’s brands and leading suppliers of home security and access solutions, today announced that they will be able to integrate Leviton The connected lighting function of Decora Smart® Wi-Fi® lighting control cable is paired with Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt. This integration allows customers to easily trigger lighting activities related to lock activities through the My Leviton app to improve home safety, security and convenience.

In order to take advantage of this integrated smart technology, homeowners and professionals only need to follow the instructions to install and connect the various Leviton and Schlage products. Decora smart Wi-Fi devices are connected to the My Leviton app, and Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt is connected to the Schlage Home app. The integration function is achieved through simple steps in the My Leviton app, and residents can adjust the lock status by automatically adjusting lighting, ceiling fans, small appliances and electronic products.

After integration, the homeowner can choose the home lighting effect when leaving or arriving at home. For example, when "leaving home", residents can choose to have all lights turn off automatically. This happens when a one-key lock or user lock code is used on the lock's touch screen. When "at home", residents can choose to have the selected lights turn on automatically, which happens when the unlock code is used on the lock's touch screen.

The integrated lighting and locking functions enable residents to no longer walk into dark homes and ensure that the lights are not accidentally turned on when leaving the home, saving time and energy. In addition, with the help of one-key lock function, the My Leviton app can be changed to "away" mode, creating a sense of life by randomizing the lighting schedule.

"Combining the smart technologies of Leviton and Schlage, these two first-class century-old brands provide homeowners with a unique opportunity to enrich their smart home functions for easier home security," Director of My Leviton Partner Works Tom Morgan talked about the Leviton plan. "This innovative partnership is just another good example of how Leviton continues to provide homeowners and professionals with safe, smart and efficient thoughtful solutions."

Leviton Decora Smart uses industry-leading technologies (including Wi-Fi®, Z-Wave Plus® and Zigbee 3.0) to provide powerful lighting control solutions. Leviton Decora smart Wi-Fi dimmers, switches, fan speed controllers, sockets and 4-button controllers have detachable panels that can easily change colors without rewiring. Color options include black, gray, white, light almond, ivory and brown. The device can be paired with color-matched Decora or Decora Plus™ screwless wall panels or customized by mixing and matching colors. Decora Smart products have a two-year limited warranty. For additional details, please refer to the warranty.

Director Mark Jenner said: “Working with Leviton will connect our respective smart technology capabilities to enhance the safety and security of our customers’ homes, and provide a forward-looking solution that makes today’s smart home more secure than ever. It’s easier to manage and control all the time.” Schlage lock manufacturer Allegion's technical alliance. "This kind of cooperation brings clear benefits to homeowners and provides home builders with unique products for their customers."

Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt supports secure remote access from anywhere, without the need for a hub. The Schlage Encode lock has a built-in Wi-Fi connection and can be managed through the Schlage Home application, providing homeowners with a simple and easy-to-use access control solution. This innovative smart bolt has a variety of styles and finishes to choose from. The Schlage Encode lock is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Ring video doorbells and cameras.

To learn more about Leviton Decora Smart solutions and the partnership with Schlage, please visit www.leviton.com/decorasmart

About Leviton Every day, Leviton is the engineering possibilities that make the future happen to meet the needs of today's global residential, commercial and industrial customers. From electrical to lighting, to data network and energy management, Leviton develops thoughtful solutions to help its customers' lives easier, safer, more efficient and more efficient. Driven by its commitment to customers, the ingenuity of employees, and the safety and quality of products and solutions, working with Leviton, the future is here. For more information, please visit http://www.leviton.com, www.facebook.com/leviton, www.twitter.com/leviton or www.youtube.com/Levitonmfg.

About Allegion Allegion (NYSE: ALLE) is a global pioneer in seamless access. We ensure the safety of people and their assets, no matter where they are, combining simple solutions, convenient access and advanced technology. Allegion's 2020 revenue is 2.7 billion U.S. dollars, and its security products are sold worldwide. For more information, please visit www.allegion.com.

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