I gave my 3-year-old Louis Vuitton bags -- haters say she's a spoiled brat

2022-07-30 16:58:05 By : Ms. Rose Xiao

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Some parents give their kids the world — others give them designer bags.

Christi Fritz, the mother of a 3-year-old daughter, is feeling the heat on TikTok after revealing the toddler’s designer bag collection.

In a room tour video online — during which she showed her kid’s glammed-out, all-pink room, complete with a vanity and chandelier — eagle-eyed viewers spotted a stash of luxury handbags on a shelf in the little girl’s walk-in closet.

In response to someone asking why Fritz would ever gift the bags to her young daughter, she explained it’s better to “invest” in items that will last.

“She has three bags and, honestly, she has them because we think it’s better to invest in high-quality bags that will last a long time,” Fritz says in a voice-over for the clip, which has amassed more than 3 million views. “We bought her the first two little ones, and the big one is actually my old one. She loved it, so I let her have it.”

Replying to @teafindergirl This is why she has desinger purses!💕👛 Which one is your favorite?!⬇️

As usual, people had opinions to share in the comments below the video, including bashing Fritz for allowing her daughter to use makeup at such a young age.

“Nicer room than mine. I have no walk in closet, single bed, normal ceiling fan and bags that cost $10 at most,” wrote one shocked viewer. “I don’t think anyone saw the chandelier.”

“When I was three I had one direction bedding and a Claire’s handbag,” someone else chimed in.

“Tell me ur rich without telling me ur rich,” sneered another.

“Where do I sign up to be your daughter?” quipped someone else.

But some people stuck up for the generous mom, scolding people for judging her parenting style and saying the daughter is just “loved,” not “spoiled.”

“U seem like a nice mother why is everyone pressed it’s not like the kid knows the diff she just likes the bags,” someone wrote.

“Why’re ppl mad,” commented another user. “She’s right it is better to invest in higher quality items..these bags are going to last her till she’s a grown up.”

“Why do y’all care how they raise their child? It’s not yours,” argued someone else.

Since the original video, Fritz has filmed multiple follow-up clips, including one biting back at a troll who accused the toddler of growing up to be a “brat.”

“Right now she’s only 3, so,” the text on the screen read. “She has no idea whether or not the stuff we buy her is expensive.”

“She’s actually the sweetest and most thankful toddler ever!” Fritz concluded.