FFXIV Fans Swoon Over Possibly Unmasked Lahabrea

2022-07-30 16:57:34 By : Ms. FT TENT

Final Fantasy XIV's Lahabrea may have finally shown his face in a recent piece of promo art for the game, and fans are absolutely smitten.

Lahabrea has been an important part of Final Fantasy XIV since his introduction as the primary antagonist of A Realm Reborn, the game's 2013 relaunch. For the last nine years, though, the Ascian has hidden comfortably behind his trademark red mask. A recent piece of promo art for FFXIV's upcoming patch 6.2, titled Buried Memory, seems to have changed that, and, much to the astonishment of the game's fans, it turns out he's actually kinda hot.

The official Final Fantasy XIV Twitter account posted the new Buried Memory art on July 28, showcasing three characters, one of whom appears to be holding Lahabrea's mask.

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It didn't take long for FFXIV fans to catch onto the idea that this might be the official reveal of Lahabrea's face. From there, it was only a matter of time before fans took to Twitter to respond with everything from vindication to dismay at the discovery that the character who has acted as an enemy to the Warriors of Light for nearly a decade is seemingly pretty good-looking.

Final Fantasy XIV fans are known for their impressive fanwork, so it's no surprise that some were quick to throw together some shockingly gorgeous fanart of the

community's new favorite sexy grandpa.

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Other fan reactions were a bit more intense. Some fans rushed to drop their own sexually explicit takes on the character with neither shame nor reservation.

Audiences yearning for one more look at Lahabrea will be able to play the Buried Memory patch when it releases in late August 2022. Final Fantasy XIV is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS and PlayStation 4.

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