This Light Fixture Will Blow Your Guests Away, Literally!

2022-07-30 16:43:22 By : Ms. Rebecca Lee

Pop open a bottle of wine and welcome your guests to an experience like no other. There’s nothing more exciting than finally getting to show off your new home to your loved ones. 

Your guests’ jaws will drop to the floor when they take a look at the stunning light fixture that breathes life into your space. But, your stylish, energy-efficient light has a sweet little secret that will blow their mind. 

Fanaway may look like an ordinary light fixture, but when you switch it on, the hidden fan blades will reveal themselves. 

Being tucked away in the upper part of the light fixture, these barely visible acrylic blades unfold and spin without making a noise. 

Saving you up to 90% on your cooling costs, these sleek Fanaway hybrid fixtures allow you to maintain a sense of elegance in your space while keeping your home cool. 

Looking gorgeous while having three unique speed functionalities and a reverse mode option, you won’t be trading any of the functionality for fashion. Complete with remote control as well, these Fanaway hybrid models have it all. 

Giving you total control over your space, you have the power to change the speed of the fan and play around with the lighting. Creating different moods, the LED and colour temperature-changing technology they have will help you design a unique ambience. 

On top of all this, they’re super easy to clean so you never have to worry about your ceiling fan raining dust all over your furniture. 

Coming in a range of finishes and styles, finding the Fanaway hybrid model that best complements your vibe is simple.

Just check out The Light Shop and have a look at all of the gorgeous Fanaway pieces they have in stock. If you’re not sure which Fanaway model would look best in your space, the team at The Light Shop are there to help. 

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