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Learn soldering and programming with the Arduino Make Your UNO Kit - CNX Software

Arduino Make Your UNO Kit is a kit with two boards, one for the microcontroller and the other for audio, and all components required that can be used to learn how to solder and then Arduino programming.

Once soldering and assembly are complete you’ll hopefully get a working Arduino UNO and an audio synthesizer shield. But before you get there, you’ll need to equip yourself with a soldering iron and some soldering tin to solder the components below to the two PCBs.

The Arduino Make Your UNO board also includes a debugging section and a small prototyping section, while you’ll get the six potentiometers and a speaker on the Audio Synth shield.

Arduino provides documentation showing how to solder your kit with videos and a 3D interactive viewer (see video demo below), as well as detailed instructions to program your board to make it work as a synth and make your own music.

The Arduino Make Your UNO Kit has just launched and can be purchased for $58.50 or 55.00 Euros plus shipping.

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So the ATMEGA16U2-MU MCU and related SMT parts that primarily act as the USB/UART bridge are all on a separate floating daughter board which is not in the parts-list. The hardware documentation seems to be there, and should be enough in conjunction with all the usual other documentation.[1] At USD $58.50 the kit seems a bit pricey.[2] But to be fair anything Original Arduino is a bit pricey, you are supporting the community resources as well. For example the basic Arduino Uno Rev3 board (assembled) is USD $27.60.[3] In comparison a Chinese Arduino Uno Clone (CH340G instead of ATMEGA16U2-MU USB/UART)…  Read more »

not to mention the IDE we probably wouldn’t have without them

Learn soldering and programming with the Arduino Make Your UNO Kit - CNX Software

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